Wendy Scharfman
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"I feel better about myself when I am able to communicate . . .

"It has helped me to understand people better by gaining a real rapport with them.
I feel better about myself when I am able to communicate.
And the next time we have to speak to a developer, we can be better prepared because of this training."
Larry Woods
Construction Superintendent, Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.

"I feel more comfortable in my ability to present myself professionally . . .

"With Wendy's help
I have truly been able to harness my inner confidence. I feel much more comfortable in my ability to present myself professionally and to pursue my goals without hesitation. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Wendy.”
Taylor Hendricks
Peace Corp Applicant

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Individual Coaching and Workshops for Public Speaking Skills

Wendy Scharfman

This training will have folks talking about your speech and wanting to benefit from your expertise. You will learn how to mobilize your audiences and clients. You’ll inspire them to have an opinion, to raise their awareness and feel energized by your dynamic confidence! And in this training you will hone your interactive skills for interviews, sales, meetings, and virtually any organizational dialogue. We will customize this training to your specific goals utilizing videotaping and assessment tools.

You will:

  1. Acquire the tools and techniques to tackle any speech for any audience.

  2. Learn to connect with your audience/clients through well designed, engaging and impactful speeches.

  3. Be able to provide incisive, inspiring and valuable information to your audience/clients.

  4. Become a more confident, inspiring speaker.

  5. Make an impact with a message that matters.

  6. Develop your authentic presence and style.

  7. Discover how to make your content more compelling and specific.

  8. Be a more engaged listener who builds real relationships.