Wendy Scharfman
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"With Wendy's help I have truly been able to harness my inner confidence."
Taylor Hendricks,
Peace Corps Volunteer

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The Anatomy of a Great Speech for Effective Communication
Designing and delivering your best speech for any public forum

Effective communication is a necessity successfully leading your organization and for growing your business. We are often required to speak about the services and benefits we offer to a variety of audiences whether it is through the media, a conference, a meeting, or the Internet. Your message and how you convey it matters.

This program provides important tools and techniques to design and deliver an engaging and impactful speech that can be tailored to any audience. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore some of these methods on a volunteer basis.

Participants learn:

  • How to structure or outline a speech
  • How to refine content to be more memorable
  • How to create a great intro and an impactful closing
  • How to incorporate stories, analogies, humor, quotations and statistics
  • How to connect with the audience
  • How to maximize your vocal delivery, body language and confidence
  • How to practice and prepare effectively

Storytelling for Business Communication
Stories are a powerful device for motivating and inspiring action

Every great speaker is a great storyteller. It's a fact. And people love to hear a good story. The use of stories in your business communication gives greater impact to your message because you communicate valuable information in a much more compelling way. Your ability to tell a terrific story will enhance your leadership and speaking skills.

This program introduces a series of templates and exercises to help you design and build your own effective stories for all forms of interaction - the media, conferences, meetings, networking, internet videos, branding . . . the list goes on. Learning this skill helps to attract clients, enhance interest in your projects, products, programs and the value of your organization. Participants will gain the tools to create their own "library" of stories to use in their communication.

Participants learn:

  • How to construct a good story
  • How to find and collect stories
  • How to implement a story into a speech
  • How to deliver a story effectively

Crafting Your Best Elevator Pitch or "Audio Logo"
Create a dynamic pitch ready-to-go in your back pocket

Do you find you need a better way to describe what you do? Have you gotten stuck when asked, "Can you tell me about your business?" or "How can your organization help me?" How do you say it with "panache" and know just how much information to give?

Crafting Your Best Elevator Pitch or "Audio Logo" provides a system to create your own unique pitch for any situation. You will learn how to communicate your message in a natural, conversational way but with all of the valuable benefits to your audience. This method improves your ability to be more memorable and engaging and will enhance interest in your business. Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer and create their pitches during the program.

Participants learn:

  • The method of creating a great pitch
  • How to construct a unique pitch
  • How less is more refining your pitch
  • How to deliver your pitch naturally and with confidence
  • How to adapt your pitch to different audiences

How to Make Your Video Stand Out
Are you REALLY ready for your media close-up?

Video is everywhere. YouTube, websites, training and product videos, corporate and marketing videos, media interviews . . . you name it. How do we get ready for our close-up? Video now gives us the ability to reach vast numbers of people in unprecedented ways.

As in any public speaking event, you want to capitalize on the opportunity to communicate your thoughts and ideas with "savoir-faire" to say it like you mean it all in a sound bite, with confidence, grace, a little panache and some universal humor thrown in for good measure ALL THIS, without tripping over your tongue, losing your train of thought, or looking like a deer caught in the headlights. This program gives you some techniques to give your most confident media interview or create your finest video with clarity, confidence, a succinct and catchy message and just the right amount of information.

Participants learn:

  • How to create the best message points
  • How to prepare for your interview or video session
  • How to draft the best questions and answers
  • How to look your best on camera tricks of the trade
  • How to master your delivery