Wendy Scharfman
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I can't quite get over what an effect Wendy
had on my class. The participants were to give a presentation on their policy papers and were only tuned in to the anxiety. Then, after an intervention, now to be called a WENDERVENTION, they were really saying something! They all wished the session had been longer and they got so much out of it - Wendy changed everything! They had two words to say about it: AWE SOME. Thanks again for a million dollar class!”
Tom Naughton
Adjunct Professor, Human Services
Department, Mercer County Community College

“They were pumped about how well it worked!!”

The Graduate Class in Leadership and Counseling thought very highly of Wendy’s tips
and approach. Two of the students said that they had started off their speeches with a story and that it "captivated" the audience. They were pumped about how well it worked!! Many thanks for that gift of understanding!!”
K. David Holmes,
KDH Enterprises, LLC

“They all raved about the amount of information and how entertained they were.”

We heard from those who attended Wendy’s key note speech
at the Newark Club and they all raved about the amount of information and how entertained they were. I too could undoubtedly benefit by learning how to flirt with my audience.”
Barbara Repetto,
Family Intervention Services

“"It was the application of Wendy's skills that made my letter stand out from all that the Police Department had ever received.”

The Chief of Police personally stated
that he had "never in his 25 years experience received such a well written letter" and the officer raved, questioning whether "writing was a second career/schooling option for me". Prior to Wendy's class, this letter would have read similar to any other, but because of your easy-to-apply, simplistic, but impactful techniques, my letter was extraodinary and left a lasting impression."
Allison Zeis, MSW, LCSW,
FCIU/FIT/FOP/Outpatient Specialist,
Clinical Coordinator

“I managed to participate more fully in my meeting.”

Thanks to Wendy’s help in preparing,
I was actually surprised at the level I managed to participate more fully in my meeting. I asked several questions and was able to provide ample discussion for each topic.“
Mike Hendricks,
Advanced Cerametrics Inc.

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